Big Brother Canada Season 3

Okay this blog has nothing to do with Big Brother, but it’s really my advance apology for consuming my life for the next three months. It usually has consumed me like this, but this year is different. Dennis and my friend, Bruno, has officially become Ottawa’s first Big Brother Canada houseguest.  And since I’m a fan of the show and now our friend is part of the cast, I can’t help my fandom from coming out.  

I went from being a closet BB fan for the past 10 years to an outed super fan.  Yes I’m a live feeder. Yes, if I miss the live feeds I reading the play by play on my favourite BB sites.  

Whatever.  If the shoe fits, Ill wear it.  And plus I get to have a crazy different fan experience. 

If you haven’t already please sign up for the online BB component on Global.

Big Brother Canada has an online portion where the fans can influence the show and that’s where we can help our favourite contestants. 

So good luck @BBCan3Bruno, we’re watching you. 

Facebook Fan Page:

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