So it’s now 2015.  A lot of things have happened.  We moved into our new home last year and now we’re expecting baby #2.  And we find out in 2 weeks what baby #2 will be.  And just like last time, I’ll probably be blogging a lot more since I’ll be on maternity leave.  Something also awesome is that Big Brother Canada Season 3 starts in 2 weeks as well. Yes, I’m a super fan, and I have a feeling this season will be my favourite.  Or maybe I say that every season.

Oh I also went on an actual vacation this year for the first time ever.  I went to the Bahamas with my girlfriend and a 5 month old in tow.  It was an amazing trip and now I can see why people love to travel so much. Also started reading that trip since I actually gave myself the time to.  And now I’ve been reading a few novels a week.  Yea, I’m not the type to do things half way.  I sorta get obsessive about things when I start them.

What’s currently on my DIY plate?  Baby’s room built in closet, Office desk and cabinet uppers and Katie Mac’s new twin bed.   I’ll probably post once I actually start those projects.

Until then..

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